School data, simplified. A powerful, easy-to-use digital solution to transform how you manage school data
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An innovative data management solution for the Education sector, Wonde extracts data (i.e. student, teacher and parent records) from within a school, stores it in the cloud and then provides third party applications access.

Third party applications need to access school data to both set-up and keep their software up-to-date. Rather than individually integrating with every school, Wonde provides an efficient method of data integration which requires only one integration. This saves companies time, money and valuable resources; allowing them to grow faster and focus on their core product.

When it comes to schools, Wonde ensures they are able to manage access to their data, giving them greater visibility and control over what information is accessed by third parties. This ensures they’re compliant with their data protection obligations. Schools also now only need to maintain one external connection to their school data, rather than a connection to each software application they use.

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