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Anita Whitelum
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Janet Hitchener
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Anita Whitelum

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Vocational Education


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Sydney, NSW

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HealthStaffEd is a B2B company delivering eLearning solutions to healthcare providers and others seeking to provide the best in quality training and continuing professional development (CPD), within a learning framework that is robust and agile.

Our services fall into two main categories:

1. Learning Management System – Sling LMSTM.
2. Ready to deploy content library.


• Intuitive and agile management features with no training required
• Content library: Interactive multimedia content formats with endorsed CPD time allocation and certificates of completion
• Live Learning, conferences and workshops, assignments and eLearning management
• Content library is 100% SCORM compliant. Upload and manage your own SCORM content
• Customisable monitoring, reporting and analytics
• Learning Pathways: Courses and compliance training with automated scheduling, reminders and certification
• Learning accessible on any device 24/7
• Integrations: HR, compliance, single sign-on, eCommerce

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