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Wendy Haigh
Co-Founder & CEO
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Ros Stewart
Director of People, Learning & Culture
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Wendy Haigh

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Higher Education

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Sydney, NSW

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North America

Stronger Brains empowers children and young people to build better lives by measurably improving their brain health and function. Brain health affects almost every aspect of life including education and employment success, health and wellbeing, relationships, violence and crime. We partner with local organisations in education, employment services, social services and juvenile justice to train and support their staff to deliver our proven neuro-development model in 3 stages:

– We teach children and young people about their brain and how to make it stronger through our world – leading Brain Health Curriculum;
– We empower them to become stronger “captains of their ship” by mentoring them through their Personalised Empowerment Plan; and
– We assess and measurably improve their brain function by building new neural pathways through their Personalised Neuroplasticity Plan and our fun, online, brain training programs, created by Dr Michael Merzenich, the “father of neuroplasticity”.

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