Programming Ecosystem for the AI Era

JDoodle is an online programming platform/ecosystem that provides online compilers, IDEs and an assessment system. With JDoodle, users can learn, teach, assess, and practice programming without installing compilers, libraries, or editors on their system (even on a Chromebook and Mobile).

Teachers can stop wasting time helping fix the dev environments and manually evaluating assignments using our zero-setup IDEs and auto-grading assessments.

Students and developers can focus on programming instead of installing and managing the coding environment, invite peers and do programming collaboratively at the same time.

For Institutes, EdTech Providers, Bloggers, and Technical Writers, JDoodle offers APIs and plugins to add compilers and IDEs to their offerings.

JDoodle aims to make programming simpler and more accessible with its service that is accessible, collaborative, and easy to use for everyone.