Literatu helps teachers engage students the way students like to learn ...interactively, online.

Literatu Scribo is an English writing improvement and support platform connecting all teachers and students with supportive and powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI). Scribo delivers quality personalised English writing feedback, support and guidance to students on demand whilst giving English and humanities teachers a much needed reduction in workload and overtime hours. Having strong English writing skills is recognised as critical for anyone in pursuit of global education and vocational success.

Scribo is a web delivered SAAS platform to reconfigure the time-intensive manual workflows inherent in teaching and improving English writing. Lifting English writing levels is a persistent challenge for both teachers and students, one that Scribo is designed to meet. Scribo AI delivers instant, level appropriate personalised feedback for students with data driven insights and workflow efficiencies for teachers. Scribo is used by K-12 schools, language colleges, universities and home-schooling parents working with their children to improve their skills. Whilst English writing support is the most time-expensive service for schools and colleges to provide, it is also the most important quality service for students to have access to. Scribo works alongside teachers to support their personal teaching, pedagogy and practice styles with a high level of efficacy proven through University studies.

Scribo integrates with all common applications used in education, from LMS to Google and Microsoft platforms, making Scribo easy to get going across multiple education settings and different physical devices. Scribo also integrates English remedial activities to help support the development of stronger grammar, punctuation and spelling skills. These integrated remedial lessons are assigned to students as Scribo understands the areas needing more improvement.

Scribo helps teachers and students,, no matter what level or age, get on with the job of improving critical English writing skills demanded by the reality of our digital future.