OpenLearning is a Sydney-based, ASX-listed, software as a service company that provides a scalable online learning platform and learning design services to education providers; and a global marketplace of world-class micro-credentials and online degrees for learners. 

Founded in 2012, OpenLearning’s vision is to improve access to quality education, promote lifelong learning, and future-proof the workforce by enabling education providers to design, deliver and sell transformative courses and degrees worldwide. Built on proven learning sciences research and a social constructivist learning philosophy, OpenLearning goes beyond traditional instructivist approaches and static learning management systems to deliver authentic, active and connected learning experiences.

Demonstration of capabilities

Use of data, evidence & thought leadership

  • OpenLearning is based on work from Prof Buckland from UNSW, and the team set out to build a platform to form a community within a course, transitioning into a platform for social learning using Social Constructivism as the foundation.
  • Their extensive user data is used to improve the design of courses which is the key element in determining a positive outcome for the courses of their 70+ partners.
  • This data is constantly being reviewed, refined and made available for course designers to use built-in tools to help them improve their courses. 

Recognised for quality international education and the AQF:

  • Have developed “OpenCreds” a certification of assessed learning that is additional, alternative, complementary to, or a component part of a formal qualification.
  • This provides a micro-credential framework for lifelong learning and works within the AQF for Higher Ed, Professional Learning and Vocational sectors.


Adam Brimo
David Collien
Richard Buckland

Adam Brimo, CEO

Education sector
Higher Education, Vocational Education


2.2m Learners & 76 Institutions

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SE Asia, North America

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