GO1 is spotify for education. Started in 2015, GO1 is now an established leader in online learning and education working alongside some of the largest companies in the world covering a wide range of industries and regions.

They license content from over 1,000 providers such as UNSW, Thomson Reuters and Blinkist and package this learning content into one easy to use subscription. 

They are committed to providing the best learning opportunities to improve lives through education and training. It is our vision to be the most used source for professional learning by 2020.

Demonstration of capabilities

Education and employment are strongly connected

  • They believe adult continuing education is essential and the the focus of the current education system where 95% of spend is on 5 – 25 year olds is not suited to a changing world. They believe this funding approach should be more balanced towards continuing education for the workforce.
  • As an example, they work with Seek, a leading job website. There are over 3,000 jobs for nurses listed on their website which also lists the skills required for this role.  Go1 have integrated into this site to provide a series of links to short courses for the applicant to improve their skills in those areas. All in the one place. 
  • Their integrations into Salesforce, Microsoft Teams etc and other tools allow employers to easily provide training and development opportunities for their staff.

Use of data, evidence & thought leadership

  • GO1 use data science to provide machine learning recommendations to their customers to align courses from their education partners.

Andrew Barnes
Vu Tran
Chris Eigeland
Chris Hood

Andrew Barnes, CEO

Education sector


5,000 Institutions

Export revenue
50% of total revenue

Export markets
North America, Europe

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