Learning Vault

Your partner for engaging learning content and digital credentialing

Learning Vault’s mission is centred around the power of knowledge – we amplify and democratise the transformative potential of knowledge and learning to unleash social, economic and geographic human mobility – through the use of verifiable digital credentials.

As an EdTech business created out of a training organisation itself, Learning Vault intrinsically understands the education landscape, with the only digital certification strategy created to meet the exacting requirements of government regulations as they relate to Certification and Testamurs policy for compliant certification issuance (QVault credentials – in both Australia and the United Kingdom).

Learning Vault provides its digital credentialing technology to organisations across the wider education industry that interact within the education ecosystem; these include Schools, Vocational institutes, University institutions, private colleges, Higher Education institutions, industry associations, and industry sectors including accounting, health, retail, hospitality, travel, tourism, building and construction, insurance and recreational activities (e.g. Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh, Local football clubs etc) as well as governments globally.

This is how, from our offices in Sydney and London, we dedicate ourselves to our mission: using learning and technology to help change lives throughout the world.