Elearning Space

Providing elearning solutions for business and education institutions.

Our organisation, elearning space, was established in reaction to the growing need for 21st learning experiences to cater to the ever-increasing diversity of learning styles. We aim to present the individual learner with 21st century learning experiences required to engage in the learning process. We utilize a toolbox of elearning experiences to cater for this diversity.

It is our vision to provide a learning experience for everyone (regardless of income, ethnicity, disability, gender, age, religious affiliation, academic ability, giftedness, or education background). We strive to ensure that no one is excluded from accessing learning with elearning space.

elearning space provides a fresh, modern and innovative approach to learning. We provide elearning solutions to the individual and both large and small employers. We use a range of learning experiences, selected from our elearning toolbox, to ensure the elearning space is designed to engage the learner.