Amplify Music Education

Ready-made music lessons for primary school teachers

Amplify Music Education creates ready-made music lessons that upskill and support generalist classroom teachers to teach the compulsory music curriculum. We believe by using technology to support the teacher already in the classroom, no student will miss out on learning the fundamentals of music.

Our tech platform contains all the necessary content for teachers to deliver contemporary and engaging lessons including lesson plans, scope and sequences, assessment rubrics, differentiated learning paths and more. These are all supported by high quality video content that feature relatable music educators and renowned musicians and artists that students and teachers know and love. By linking the music curriculum to students’ interests and behaviours, engagement in the lesson and retention of information is increased. It also offers direct links to the broader music industry.

The UK Government published their National Plan for Music Education earlier this year. It states that all children in the early years (up to five years old) and in school should receive high quality music education. The plan refers to three interlinked provisions to execute the plan with the first one being curriculum music which is compulsory in stages 1 – 3 (primary school).

There are currently 120 music hubs operating to support schools, however the capacity of these is not enough to support the 16,791 primary schools in delivering the music curriculum.

Amplify harnesses technology, meaning that it is accessible, inclusive, and equitable for all schools and students regardless of their location and background. Additionally, Amplify supports teachers who are under increasing demands by reducing their workload and building efficacy in the classroom and school community.