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TALi Health is an evidence-based platform that is built to assess, detect and train attention in children. TALi provides early childhood solutions to improve attentional performance, and tools to assess and detect inattention.

TALi is developing programs for children aged 3 to 8, where most interventions have been developed to begin at age 6. This makes TALi a unique provider of early years’ intervention when it is most needed.

Demonstration of capabilities

Use of data, evidence & thought leadership

  • TAli have used 20 years of cognitive research started by Monash uni and applied learning and research from the medical sector to education. They use learning from healthcare professions such as speech pathologist and game based research for their program.
  • These clinical findings along with engaging, game-based tools are built into the program to provide a path for students to follow with rewards and incentives to support learning.

An example of findings from one of their many clinical studies :

  • TALi TRAIN promotes greater reductions in inattentive and hyperactive behaviours in the classroom compared with both active and passive control conditions. Reductions persist 6 months following completion of training. (Gamified Attention Training in the Primary School Classroom: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial. 2019)

Hannah Kirk
Kim Cornish

Pete Saunders, COO

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Early Learning, K-12


>5,000 Learners

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