Practera is an education technology and services company, connecting the world of work and learning through technology. Their mission is to build the world’s leading system to help educators deliver scalable experiential learning programs. They have offices and staff across six countries and a global technology-led vision.

Licensing for the world-leading experiential learning platform | Experiential learning design and advisory for the platform | Full-service program delivery by an award-winning Programs team.

Demonstration of capabilities

Use of data, evidence & thought leadership

  • Experiential learning has gone through rapid change and Practera has been applying substantial research and technology development to work out how best to deliver (whether online, in-person or blended) and adjust their program based on the delivery mode.
  • Practera conducts detailed efficacy research to detect issues in their program to intervene before they become a student learning issue. 
  • Practera is also at the forefront of solving industry issues and is part of a CRCP program to research and design a privacy system to protect a user’s privacy when learning analytics data and are combined from  multiple learning sources.

Education and employment are strongly connected

  • Practera’s experiential programs are all about employability and helping the student build valuable and employable skills. Their platform ensures the student gets to practice the learning, not just receive it. 
  • There is a very strong feedback loop (combining  educators, students and peers) within the program to ensure learning outcomes are delivered.

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