Online Education Services

Online Education Services

OES is an online education enabler with demonstrated success in providing end to end solutions for online learning. We design, promote and deliver high-quality programs online on behalf of our university partners, supporting their growth by reaching a new cohort of students who prefer the flexibility of online study.

Founded as a joint venture between leading, global digital employment platform SEEK (an ASX listed company) and an Australian university, OES is a unique combination of academic rigour and commercial expertise.

Demonstration of capabilities

Use of data, evidence & thought leadership

OES are at the forefront of remote delivery and online learning for university courses. They are focused on how to deliver a great experience online, in particular in the areas of:

  • Constantly evolving the learning material for an asynchronous environment 
  • Student support – apply innovation for both inbound and outbound communication. Eg they are able to identify students at risk of dropping out and tailoring a communication plan to help them complete the course
  • Customer focus – adapting how serve their in a way that meets their evolving needs. They use deep analytics, student behaviour, surveys, feedback and a range of other data to inform this. 

Education and employment are strongly connected

  • OES use their own data and partners to align their courses with the needs of the job market. In particular:
  • The design of their courses to improve effectiveness
  • What courses to offer – They use employment data from Seek to work out what is in demand, where the gaps are and then work with unis to develop courses to meet this demand


Ivar Berget, Executive Director Strategy

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