Matific is an award-winning educational software company with products sold in over 50 countries and available in over 40 languages. Matific was founded in 2012 by global experts in math education and computer science. Since then Matific has helped millions of students across the world. Matific’s core strength is its 10 pedagogical principles developed by experts from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley and the Einstein Institute. The Matific pedagogy is inspired by many years of experience of working with mathematics teachers in elementary schools.

Demonstration of capabilities

Use of data, evidence & thought leadership

  • Teachers are extensively used as Matific Ambassadors to test and provide feedback on products and services, particularly relating to their daily challenges and how to save time and improve student outcomes. 
  • Matific also collects substantial market information to adapt their product for each market and usage data from their product to inform improvements usability and to constantly enable greater student improvement

Multicultural and diverse local market ensures products are globally competitive

  • Matific have a very multicultural team in Australia with more than 10 nationalities in their team in Sydney. 
  • As an example, their Marketing Manager is from Thailand and has been able to help adapt the product and service to support opportunities in Thailand, and has been involved in conversations with customers.
  • Team members from India, Japan, Israel, UK, South Africa who all help to ensure their product and service is adapted to the markets they are targeting.

Leon Kamenev
Raz Kupferman

Scott Smith, VP Global Business Development

Education sector


2 million learners

Export revenue
80% of total revenue

Export markets
LATAM, Europe, Middle East & Africa

Commenced exporting