Inquisitive has everything you need to teach History and Geography (Years F – 6), with Science and Technology now being added.

The lessons use original stimulus resources and guided inquiry, so students learn with purpose and depth. Preparation time has been minimised by weaving all the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and state requirements into the lessons.

Cross curriculum priorities and general capabilities have also been thoroughly addressed. Units include assessments with differentiation, for completeness.

Demonstration of capabilities

Use of data, evidence & thought leadership

  • Inquisitive uses Visible Thinking activities (Harvard originated study) and how this benefits young learners A substantial body of research (Hattie, Murdoch, Ritchard and others) underpins the development of thinking routines in the classroom. One of the benefits for teachers in using visible thinking routines, is being able to see learning through the eyes of students.
  • Have used the 5E pedagogical model in their learning design [5E Instructional Model (Bybee & Landes, 1990)]. As well as incorporating the thinking behind High Impact Teaching and Guided Enquiry.
  • As an example, with guided enquiry they have applied the research behind this into a practical approach for teachers with an extensive toolkit and support to teach teachers the process of structuring the guidance. This  makes it easy for teachers and saves them up to 40 hrs per year!


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