Education Horizons Group

Education Horizons Group

The Education Horizons Group (EHG) was created in 2016 via the merger of longstanding education software companies, Synergetic Management Systems and SEQTA Software. Since then, enterprising EdTech providers including Engage, myEdOnline, SchoolPRO and OMNILINK have joined the Group, bolstering the ability to offer schools customised end-to-end software solutions that truly empower administration staff and teachers to complete their work in the most effective way possible. EHG delivers outstanding support to over 1900 schools.

Demonstration of capabilities

Use of data, evidence & thought leadership

  • The SEQTA platform was developed by former principals, uses leading industry research and incorporates John Hattie’s Visible Learning teachings on student expectations.
  • Also, EHG conduct industry leading research which is shared with the education community and the findings built into their products. In their recent survey 900 schools responded, the main findings were that technology must help: free up teacher time, improve student and staff wellbeing, enable best-practice pedagogy, and streamline operations.

Comprehensive customer driven and adaptable products

  • Following feedback from their customers, they added a module to help attract new students by adding the capability to overlay census data with information about existing and past students to improve the way they target future students. 
  • In the teaching and learning space, their MyEdOnline product was built as a comprehensive distance learning tool which  gives individual lesson plans for each student.

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