Prosper Education

Prosper is a global education provider of ELT.

Prosper Education is a global education provider of ELT, marketed under the brand RoyalABC. RoyalABC offers a world-class blended learning Teacher Platform and APP to early learning centres and kindergartens across China delivering British English language, Growth Mindset and 21st Century skills education to 3-6 year olds.

The intuitive digital Teacher Platform contains hundreds of hours of pre-built English lessons and DIY content. Teachers simply select a pre-built lesson plan, or quickly and easily create their own lessons in under a minute. English language learning is extended home using RoyalABC World, an immersive 3D APP where students can practice their new language skills in a safe, fun, challenge-based online environment.

RoyalABC is the first blended learning program to integrate Growth Mindset and 21st Century skills into ELT curriculum, teacher training and technology design, enabling a new standard of education for children globally.

Prosper’s multi-disciplinary team brings together excellence in education and pedagogy, growth mindset, learning design, adaptive learning algorithms, game design, and augmented reality.