Measuring Well Being in the Classroom.

HiJo is where learning gets personal and student well-being takes priority. From movement to mood to connectivity and learning preferences, HiJo tells the individual students’ story, resulting in decidedly personalised outcomes.

Importantly, this is a tool that gives the child a voice in how they learn.

Using sensor technology and the latest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) Analytics, HiJo is able to track movement, proximity to other students, learn mood patterns and understand environmental preferences such as light and temperature.

HiJo software is a ‘Neon Mosaic’ K-12 intranet in a box solution that comes with a predefined, individual portal for the student, the teacher, school district and parents. The data collected provides insight into a students’ engagement and their physical and emotional wellbeing.

A discreet communication link to the teacher and parents can bring everyone into the HiJo learning loop.