Arludo is a team of researchers, programmers, designers, musicians, and artists.

We create games that teachers can use in their class to provide students with opportunities to collect real scientific data to better understand how science functions. We have a library of 20 apps that teach different concepts through different approaches (e.g., single and multiplayer, group games, problem-based learning, augmented reality).

Our dream is to create a whole library of games that make it easy for teachers to become digital and will help everyone understand everything about science and maths. Along this vein, our games are available on all mobile devices, through a browser, and can be added to learning management systems (e.g., Canvas, Moodle).

We also work with other start-ups and industry to help them create ‘gamified’ apps to help with learning and the introduction of new topics (e.g., upskilling). Our approach is unique in that that reward individuals with an experience, rather than points or badges.