ClickView believes in using the power of video to transform education. 

Founded in 2003, they have evolved from a tech start-up into world-leading content producers of curriculum-aligned video titles for educators and students. 

With offices across Australia and the UK and more than 90 staff worldwide, they support over 4,000 schools and colleges around the world. ClickView is on a mission to create meaningful experiences for students at all levels of learning.

Demonstration of capabilities

Use of data, evidence & thought leadership


  • ClickView has an extensive content library, and they are constantly looking at teacher’s search terms for trends and to find gaps in their content. They combine this with leading research and thought leaders to continually update and enhance their content. Recent examples of this have been in the areas of wellbeing, personal devt, health and wellness, fitness at home.
  • All ClickView content is then reviewed by a panel of teacher consultants to make sure it is accurate, correct and continues to meets efficacy standards 

Comprehensive customer driven and adaptable products

In addition to traditional curriculum content, they collaborate with experts in the field such as

  • Worked with Bill & Melinda Gates foundation to develop a course on malaria
  • A business course in Corporate Social Responsibility – worked with head of CSR at Marks and Spencer
  • Localisation of their content is very important and built into their platform along with integrations with other learning platforms such as Google Classroom, Moodle, Stile.

Evan Clarke
Tim Power

Edward Filetti, CEO

Education sector
K-12, Higher Education


4,200 Institutions

Export revenue
10% of total revenue

Export markets
Europe, Oceania

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