In 2014, Associate Professor Stephen Humphry and Dr Sandy Heldsinger established the company Pairwise and successfully developed and commercialised the Brightpath software. The business builds upon research undertaken at the University of Western Australia to provide teachers with accessible ways of collecting high quality data about their students for a range of learning areas including those not amenable to large scale testing.

Software was developed to make the assessment process readily available to teachers and the principles of Software as a Service have informed this development.

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  • Brightpath is part of the state testing program in Western Australia where schools from all three sectors use Brightpath for formative and summative assessment purposes.
  • The Department for Education in South Australia has purchased a licence to make Brightpath available to its schools.
  • The Department of Education in the Northern Territory is coordinating a large trial with its schools as is the Independent Schools, Queensland.
  • Brightpath’s software records the results of assessments and reports a range of formative and summative information to teachers and principals. This provides an informed basis for developing teaching programs targeting the needs of individual students.


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